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Employment & Internships
Current Employment Opportunities:
When we have available openings in Health Education, they are posted on the City of Long Beach's website under non-civil service jobs: click here
(for Health Educator and Case Manager positions) and under civil service positions: click here
(for Public Health Professional positions). In late May/early June, we recruit and hire youth staff from Long Beach high schools. For more information on these positions, contact Sandy Wedgeworth at (562) 570-7925.
Each semester, our division has a limited number of spots for unpaid interns for both undergraduate and graduate students.
Please contact Sandy Wedgeworth at (562) 570-7925 or sandy_wedgeworth@longbeach.gov
Graduate students, please contact Diane Brown at (562) 570-7930 or diane_brown@longbeach.gov
Funded by the City of Long Beach through a grant from the State of California Department of Public Health, Sexually Transmitted Disease Control Branch
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